Campaign Rules


There are a number of optional 5E rules we will use to enrich the role playing and adventuring experience of our game. Most of these rules either affect more tactical combat or help deliver the world of Norath thematic.

These rules are related directly to character generation.

House Rules

  • Average hit points (rounded up) per level after 1st
  • Wild Mages get some custom rules
  • Chosen (a.k.a. Paladins) have some minor custom rules around deity in the Character Classes section.

Optional Rules

  • Customising Ability Scores (PHB p13)
  • Feats (PHB p165)
  • Multiclassing (PHB p163)
  • Variant Human Traits (PHB p. 31) Erudinites only, see the Races of Norrath entry for details and limitations

These rules are not directly related to character generation but may still impact your choices and build path.

Optional Rules

  • Inspiration (PHB p125; DMG p240)
  • Only Players Award Inspiration (DMG p241)
  • Playing on a Grid and Using Miniatures (PHB p192)
  • Hitting Cover (DMG p272)
  • Action Options (DMG p271-272): Climb onto a bigger creatures, Disarm, Overrun, Shove aside, Tumble (Mark is intentionally excluded)
  • Equipment Sizes (PHB p145)
  • Injuries (DMG p272) these rules may be augmented (don’t worry, you still get all “5 limbs”)
  • Training to Gain Levels (DMG p131) this will be best-fit per character
  • Renown (DMG p22; 129) the maths will be invisible to players but will have an impact on the game
  • Piety (DMG p23) just like Renown but for divine beings. This largely replaces alignment
  • Milestone Experience (DMG p261) adventures will either reward experience for slaughtering monsters or accomplishing an objective

The following rules may at some point be introduced into the campaign or a specific adventure but will not be a core component of the experience.

  • Planar Effects
  • Fear and Horror
  • Sanity
  • Loyalty
  • Morale
  • More Difficult Magic Item Identification
  • Mixing Potions
  • Scroll Mishaps
  • Firearms, Explosives and Alien Technology
  • Wands that don’t recharge

Campaign Rules

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