The very heart of Antonica is also the heart of halfling life in Norrath. Poised as a halfway point between Qeynos and Freeport, Rivervale sees its share of travelers. Every day brings some new reason to hold a festival, and the residents enjoy practicing the art of hospitality on newcomers. Though most burrows are intended for those of halfling stature, inns and alehouses are also constructed for the “overly tall” visitors and residents in the city. Halflings enjoy playing tricks on each other; some tricks have been known to get quite elaborate.

Though quaint, halflings have not survived by being pushovers. Rivervale has a competent elected mayor, and practically half the town is a deputy or guard or militia member of some sort. A marvel of urban planning, the city is nestled into the rock between the Misty Thicket and Kithicor Woods, making it highly defensible. The tributary of the Serpent River running through the city makes a long siege nearly impossible, and the halfling guards use all their cleverness to set up defensive traps and redoubts that take advantage of their small height. These defenses are normally decorated and littered with crumbs, but the ores and goblins of the Misty Thicket attack frequently enough that no one or thing gets rusty.

Noteable Guilds & Locations: Tagglefoot Farm, the Fool’s Gold Inn, Guardian Stronghold

Temples: Chapel of Mischief (Bristlebane).


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