Goliaths of Norrath make their home in the frigid chill that blankets their city of Halas. While goliaths are not friendly to outsiders, they also don’t go out of their way to be unfriendly to any of the developed races. The city itself is spare and simple since the harsh life and climate leaves little time or care for luxuries. Fishing is the goliaths’ major source of income. Ruled by a council of six elders that emulates their god, the Tribunal, order is firmly enforced on the chaotic environment.

Resting on the northernmost end of the continent, Halas is surrounded by the Frigid Plain to the east and the Everfrost Peaks to the southwest, where the Blackburrow gnolls dwell. The goliaths and gnolls are terrible enemies, and they war against each other constantly. Frighteningly, the safest path to or from the city is through the Everfrost Peaks.

The city can be approached only by crossing the lake to the south. A boat carries most people across the half-frozen lake, but goliaths consider swimming the lake a test of fortitude. Passing this test is often a sign of adulthood among the clans of Halas. Outsiders can earn a barbarian’s respect by doing it, but they can also earn a cold, early death from the long and blood-freezing swim.

Notable Guilds & Locations: Cappi’s Rose Garden, Church of the Tribunal, Pit of Doom

Temples: Church of the Tribunal.


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