One of the two major human cities on the continent of Antonica, Freeport is named aptly since it is a port city that hosts much trade and commerce. Many humans and half-elves live here, although you can find people of all races crowding through its bustling streets. One can buy or sell nearly anything in its markets. If you can’t find it, you can find someone who knows how to find it. Ships come and go from all ports of call; a few ships regularly carry cargo and passengers between Freeport and Faydwer.

A council of varying number rules Freeport. Those who own a home in Freeport, report a certain level of income and allow themselves to be taxed at around 60% are eligible for membership. This is perhaps not the best government, but it ensures that Freeport is run by people with a vested interest in the city’s success as a trading port. A small number of adventurers also hold nominal slots on the council thanks to their lucrative careers.

Once known as the City of Valor, Freeport simmers with an undercurrent of war. The followers of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr of the northern quarter of the city battle the militia on the east and west. Newcomers are advised to pick their friends carefully. Meanwhile, an extensive sewer system moves much more than sewage underground. One could almost say that a second city exists in the sewers, where unsavory types conduct their own business out of view of the guards and good residents who remain within sight of the sky.

To the west stretch the Commonlands, where homesteaders try to make a living by raising crops to feed Freeport or running inns along the overland trade routes to western Antonica. The Desert of Ro stretches to the south. To the north is the Nektulos Forest and Neriak, home of the dark elves. To the east, the Ocean of Tears separates Antonica from the continent of Faydwer.

Noteable Guilds & Locations: Marsheart’s Chords, Academy of Arcane Science, Ashen Order, the Hall of Truth, the Coalition of Trade Folk, Steel Warriors

Temples: Temple of Marr (Mithaniel Marr and Erollisi Marr)


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