The World of Norrath


The world of Norrath is a fantastic and mystical land steeped in mystery and adventure. Tales spun by traveling bards excite many a brave, young soul to answer the call of adventure and glory and to travel to distant continents far away from the farms and merchant houses of their youth. Vast regions of Norrath remain unexplored, with treasures from lost eras yet unclaimed and unknown monstrosities yet unconquered.

This campaign, based primarily on the continent of Antonica, seeks to revel in the deep lore of the popular MMORPG IP through the sleek, flexible rules provided in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. In the interest of burdening neither the elegant system or the campaign itself, some adjustments have been made. My hope is the spirit of adventure at the core of the story will shine through.

Many thanks to every author and artist, professional and community, that contributed so much to define the world of Norrath.

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