Session 1

Session 1 will be played as a montage of your character’s activities to date. Your initial meetings and the capstone encounters from 4 prologue adventures will be played live. The rest will be narrated.

The goal is to actually start the game at level 5, where classes have identity and characters have some muscle. But, to do this in a way that still gives you some RP background of first meetings, stumbling mistakes, and shared history.

At the end of each adventure, you’ll be awarded treasure and automatically leveled up. Between adventures, out of character time will be provided to allow characters to buy wears from the PHB (upgrading armor and such).

To make the session run smoothly, you’ll need to bring:

  • a pre-made level 1, 2, 3, and 4 version of your character
  • a list of equipment you think you’ll want to buy as you levels (session 1 shouldn’t be your first time looking at the PHB equipment list. Remember, you can ask help of your fellow players in the Forum!

Session 1

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