Character Generation

This page is designed to support players who are helping to initiate the campaign. If additional characters are introduced after the genesis, new directions will be added.

what rules do we use to build our characters?

Use the alternate ability rules as noted in the Campaign Rules to determine your six attributes.

For your race, class(es), background, starting gold, and all other aspects, use the stock PHB rules. Be sure to keep in mind the options presented in the Campaign Rules, and take a look at the Character Classes and Races of Norath pages to understand how the setting may impact your character.

what level do we start at?

A little more complicated than the typical answer, we’re going to start session 1 at level 1 and session 2 at level 5. To expound:

Session 1 will have four encounters

  • for encounter 1, your character will be level 1
  • for encounter 2, your character will be level 2
  • for encounter 3, your character will be level 3
  • for encounter 4, your character will be level 4

we’ll then start session 2 at level 5

This means you’ll need to version your character all the way from 1-5. Take a look at the Session 1 page for more information on what to expect.

how balanced does our party need to be?

While adventuring capability will definitely benefit from the traditionally balanced assortment, you’ll be able to make do with a less robust group if needed. So, please place the balance emphasis on character personality type. Here’s some examples:

  • the relatable realist: Han Solo, Hawkeye Pierce
  • the tragic hero: Rorschach, Frodo
  • the comic relief: Brick Tamland, Mundo (Blazing Sadles)
  • the wizened advisor: Gandolf, Alfred

The goal, of course, is to create enough tension to make the game compelling. Add in a cross-section of varied but complementing motivations, and the party will be setup for Whedonesque shenanigans.

where should my character be from what region do we start in?

If you have a specific region or city from which you wish to originate, you are welcome to select it. Otherwise I will make some suggestions based upon your character concept.

Where the game will start is TBD based upon what race/class combinations players pick and how best to get them into the story.

do I need to have my character approved by the DM?

No to mechanics. Yes to thematic. We’re all new to the rules, so do your best to cross your eyes and dot your teas, and we’ll trust the results. Because the deities and their followers are bathed in strife, some character concepts may require special consideration to introduce into the world.

Take a look at the Character Classes and Races of Norrath pages to get some basic ideas about how your choices may fit within the realm.

what custom rules do I need to keep in mind?

Check out the Campaign Rules page and post any questions you have in the Forums.

how optimized do we need to be?

This is a tough one for me. On the one hand, I really want you to feel like you’re making a selection based on what’s enjoyable to role play. On the other hand, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy tactical combat. So, split the difference by finding something that gives you a strong role in combat but is really compelling to play off the grid.

what backgrounds are suitable?

Any of the backgrounds in the PHB are appropriate to the land on Antonica. Rather than posting an exhaustive list, just leverage your thematic sensibilities when selecting a background and don’t be a sailor from a land-lock city.

Character Generation

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